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Ohio Supreme Court candidate John O'Donnell broke 'clean campaign' pledge with negative ad (Cleveland Plain Dealer)
Supreme Court candidate O'Donnell asked to take ad down by bar association (Columbus Dispatch)

SB 5 battle isn’t hurting Gov. Kasich (Columbus Dispatch)

Election preview: Ohio Democrats look to grab seats in Legislature (Lorain Moring Journal)
Husted says he takes bipartisan approach to job (Toledo Blade)
Winburn, Thomas go toe-to-toe for open Ohio Senate seat (WXVU Cincinnati)
Kasich says he’s only trying to do the right thing (Toledo Blade)
Ohio Election 2014 Preview: Secretary of State (Aurora Advocate)
Ohio judge declines to delay order on early voting (NBC4i)
Green Party offers option for governor (Toledo Blade)
25 questions to help you get to know Kasich, FitzGerald better (Columbus Dispatch)
8 decisions that will haunt Ed FitzGerald (Cleveland.com)
Democrats hoping to salvage 2014 are looking past Ed FitzGerald and down the statewide ballot (Cleveland.com)
Is Ed FitzGerald finished in politics? (Cleveland.com)
Candidates for Auditor play down party label (Columbus Dispatch)

Ohio Ballot Board OKs language for state Issue 1 (Cleveland Plain Dealer)
Issue 1 will drive Ohio’s growth (Columbus Dispatch)
Primer: What is State Issue 1?(Cincinnati Enquirer)
Vote Yes to rebuild roads, bridges (Cincinnati Enquirer)

Previous election news

Obama's Ohio trip a rollicking pep rally (Columbus Dispatch) 
Romney adds some golden support in golf legend Jack Nicklaus (Columbus Dispatch)
Ohio voter registration list nearly 500,000 smaller than in 2008 (Cleveland Plain Dealer)
Get-out-the-vote bus rolling onto campuses (Columbus Dispatch) 

Elections in Ohio breed controversy (Columbus Dispatch)
Some elected officials decry loss of extended voting hours, others say mail ballots better option (Cleveland Plain Dealer) 

Brown, Mandel raise record $25 million for Senate race (Columbus Dispatch) 

Presidential campaign ramps up in Ohio (Columbus Dispatch)
Ohio House to consider public pension reform this summer after report urges action for financial stability (Cleveland Plain Dealer) 

Ohio's public pension plans need more cuts, consultant says (Columbus Dispatch)
Abortion, gay right, pot - ballot issues go up in smoke (Cincinnati Enquirer)
Mandel calls health care 'defining' in Ohio race (Cincinnati Enquirer) 

High court upholds key part of of Obama health law (Columbus Dispatch) 

Catholics fight health-care mandate for birth control (Columbus Dispatch)
State's new Medicaid contracts placed on hold (Columbus Dispatch) 

Kasich asks agencies not to seek more funds (Columbus Dispatch)
Young voters still favor President Obama, but support has eroded, poll finds (Cleveland Plain Dealer)
Southeast Ohio has become an important battleground in presidential politics (Cleveland Plain Dealer)
Portman squarely in the spotlight these days (Columbus Dispatch) 

Campaign 2012: Ohio already flooded with TV ads (Columbus Dispatch) 

Ohio election law in Kasich's hands (Columbus Dispatch) 

Presidential candidates try to refocus on economy (Columbus Dispatch) 

For both sides in U.S. Senate race, early ads focus on Mandel (Columbus Dispatch) 

Coalition urges election-bills break for year (Columbus Dispatch)
House GOP steers clear of Kasich tax-cut plan (Columbus Dispatch) 

GOP swiftly returns to Bennett's control (Columbus Dispatch)
Kasich proposes restrained capital budget (Columbus Dispatch)
Ohio Turnout: Spirited primary didn't prod GOP voters to polls (Columbus Dispatch)
Tax cut may start rolling in in 2014 (Columbus Dispatch)
Senate GOP ready to act on pension fund issues (Columbus Dispatch)
Ohio manufacturing: Good times are back (sort of) (CNN Money) 

Close margin again predicted in GOP primary voting (Columbus Dispatch)
Ohio, other states still must set up federal mandate (Dayton Daily News)
It's all about Ohio now, and battle starts today (Cincinnati Enquirer) 

Shale gas and oil will add $5 billion to Ohio's economy by 2014, say economists (Cleveland Plain Dealer)
Mrs. Obama urges Ohioans to support re-election (AP) 

Outside groups paint bulls-eye on Ohio Senate race (Cincinnati Enquirer)

- State Executive Branch

- Ohio Congressional Delegation

House Speaker John Boehner offers perspective on the magnitude of the federal debt (Cleveland Plain Dealer)
Boehner vows big changes as new speaker of the House (Dayton Daily News)
Ohio Republicans expected to make big changes in Congress (Columbus Dispatch)
Republicans not only ones opposing global warming bill (Dayton Daily News)

- Ohio General Assembly

GOP's quest: budget options (Columbus Dispatch)
No easy choices to fix budget (Columbus Dispatch)


- Ohio Supreme Court

Legal center asks Ohio Supreme Court to consider smoking ban challenge (Dayton Daily News)
Chief Justice Moyer, allies promise campaign to change selection of Supreme Court justices (Dayton Daily News)
Don't be a political tool, Strickland tells Ohio Supreme Court (Columbus Dispatch)

- State agency news

Workers' Comp director says system is "broken" (Columbus Dispatch)


- Issues and public policy

Firms win prevailing wage ruling (Toledo Blade)
Stalemate continues as interim budget is signed (Columbus Dispatch)

- State ballot issues

- Politics and elections


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Top Issues

The Prosperity Project exists to encourage greater participation in the political process from businesses and their employees. Our goal is to promote a pro-growth, pro-jobs issues environment in the State of Ohio. The public officials we elect have an impact on our economy, our competitiveness and our future. The Prosperity Project seeks to provide greater education and awareness about candidates and their positions on the issues that are important to our member companies, their employees and their families.

Unemployment compensation is a critical program to employers and employees in Ohio. In its current state, businesses and employers are paying roughly twice as much as they would need to due to Federal Debt. Paying off the current debt would be a significant boon to employers. Fixing the problem now as opposed to kicking the can down the road can provide relief to both employers and employees.
Public policy should balance the need for governmental oversight and regulation with economic considerations so that Ohio employers, workers and their families are not forced to bear the burden of a noncompetitive, overly restrictive business environment.
Consistent increases in spending by state government have placed a massive burden on Ohio taxpayers. State officials must rein in Medicaid costs, reasonably limit the growth of state tax receipts and spending and find ways to cut the costs of government services and rebuild the state's reserve fund.
Access to reliable and competitively priced energy resources is essential for Ohio employers to remain competitive - an imperative that makes steadily rising energy costs and increased warnings of future supply shortages priority concerns.
Rising costs of healthcare are impairing Ohio's economic development and competitiveness. Individuals, businesses, government and providers must work together to find ways to stem the rising cost of employer-provided health care coverage for Ohio workers and their families, while seeking better coverage for those in need.
Education and workforce policies should focus on improving student achievement, increasing higher education attainment and providing efficient and effective employer-driven workforce training. Improving results in the area of education is the key to our future competitiveness.
Ohio and America need a tax structure that won't hamper the competitiveness of businesses, or workers will suffer. Our tax structure needs to be efficient and not hinder enterprises from investing capital that will sustain productivity and create job growth.
Ohio has made great strides in enacting changes to limit costly and frivolous lawsuits and to curb activism by liberal members of the state’s highest court. Lawmakers must continue to restore common sense to the legal system by advancing increased protections against runaway jury awards and twisted interpretations of statutes by the courts that cost consumers and businesses.
Ohio needs environmental policies that balance legitimate environmental and public health concerns, anti-competitive regulatory burdens for employers, and increased costs for consumers. The goal should be to create reasonable environmental regulations that are commensurate with risk and do not undermine efforts to attract and retain business investment and jobs.
Ensuring Ohio’s economic future requires a clear focus on stimulating high-wage economic growth across all regions of the state. To achieve that objective, Ohio must have statewide and regional economic development strategies.
The state’s workers’ compensation system should exist to protect legitimately injured workers without placing burdens on employers that will ultimately lead to fewer jobs in the state. Waste, fraud, abuse and manipulation of the system must be identified and eliminated.
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